The Korean Drama Bug Bit Me

Rollercoaster Ride

Samir Makwana on Sep 07, 2020 in Entertainment

Ever since the lockdown, I had stopped watching TV shows because I was too tired to invest in the same formulaic series. In late July, my office colleague recommended me to watch a Korean Drama TV series on Netflix - Crash Landing On You. And that's how it all began. I managed to finish the series in 5 days with an average of 3 episodes per day. A single episode runs for over an hour, and I didn't realise that I could watch a drama for such a long time. It is a fun series. After that, I started exploring a bunch of shows and decided to compile a list of ones I enjoyed.

Food in Korean Dramas

If I had to express Korean Dramas in few words: Respect. Manners. Love. Gratitude. Friendship. Family. Food. Ramyeon. Kimchi. Soju. Tteokbokki. Jajangmeyon. Fun. Bottled Emotions.

Of course, I would mostly get excited about food and hence the lead image.

Must Watch:

  • Crash Landing On You - Interesting take on N. Korea and S. Korea cultural, political, and military divide surrounding a RomCom.
  • Itaewon Class - Drama about revenge in a true sense about a simple, strong-minded guy and a food mogul.
  • Descendants of the Sun - RomCom about soldiers and doctors.
  • One Spring Night - A proper melodrama RomCom about unconventional love.
  • Something in the Rain - Another melodrama RomCom about unconventional love.
  • Hospital Playlist - Modern take on friendship of doctors. Really engaging drama, unlike the highly fictional 'Anatomical' take. Also, it's a fun surprise to have actual songs performed in episodes.
  • Stranger (on-going) - Slow-burn crime-legal procedure drama about crime and the turf war between the Police and the Prosecution.
  • Signal - A Sci-fi-like crime-drama where a detective of the present communicates with a detective from the past. An interesting take on the real-world serial crime cases including the Gyeonggi-do murders (Memories of Murder) and other cases.
  • Reply 1988 - Superb, strong story-driven nostalgic drama about 5 neighbouring families.
  • Welcome to Waikiki - FRIENDS-like ensemble of characters when one of them is a total goofball and the series is full of comic and anecdote events.

You Can Watch (Light shows) When Bored:

You'll find most of these series on Netflix. One of the highly-rated series The World of the Married, based on BBC's Doctor Foster, is also available on Netflix.

In all fairness, I watched the Age of Youth break from all those mentally grueling TV shows about drama, crime, and comedies with a laughing track. And it did help. Most of them are IMDb links since Netflix assigns different IDs to content in other regions. So you'll have to search a bit.