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My Experience With AMX XP50 Desktop Charger

Light and Compact

Note: AMX India sent the XP50 and USB-C cable in exchange of my honest feedback. This post reflects my personal experience with their products. It is not a promotion of any kind. Every house should have a desktop charger for juicing up all phones and gadgets from one spot. Also, it takes only one w…

Best 2 Free Apps to Show Pi-Hole Stats on Menu Bar on Mac

Two apps, one result

Raspberry Pi 4 is a nifty computer with a small footprint. Ideal for running Pi-hole, a network-wide ad blocker. That's what I'm running on my home network. I wanted to understand the amount of bandwidth that is choked by ads and incessant queries from mobile and desktop apps. I have been using Pi…

Welcome to My Personal Blog

Stay for fun and lulz

After trying Blogger/Blogspot, Live Journal, Posterous, Tumblr, and WordPress, my several attempts at blogging regularly failed. It took me a decade to realize that I wanted a site/blog of my own instead of depending on other blogging platforms. Yes, I witnessed whatever happened to Posterous, Tumb…