My Experience With AMX XP50 Desktop Charger

Light and compact

Samir Makwana on Jul 12, 2020 in Tech

Disclaimer: AMX India sent the XP50 and USB-C cable to me to try them out and offer an honest feedback. This post reflects my personal experience with their products. It is not a promotion of any kind.

Every house should have a desktop charger for juicing up all phones and gadgets. Also, it takes only one wall socket. That means you can use other available ones to plug other electronics.

In March, good folks at AMXIndia asked me if I would like to try out the AMX desktop charger. I happily obliged, and they sent AMX XP50 40W desktop charger and AMX USB-C 3.1 Gen 1 cable.

Here's a snapshot of my experience with XP50.

My first impression of the XP50 desktop charger - very light. It is a bit shy of 100 grams and made my 290 grams heavy Anker PowerPort Speed 5 Ports desktop charger feel like a brick. And also, XP50 felt compact.

Of course, Anker's desktop charger has two Quick Charge 3.0 ports, but I don't have any Quick Charge 3.0 supporting phones. So that difference didn't matter to me. That's because my Apple iPhone 6s Plus and OnePlus 3 don't support Quick Charge 3.0 fast charging.

While charging my iPhone 6s Plus using one of the QC 3.0 ports on the PowerPort Speed 5 desktop charger, I would feel that faint leak of electricity whenever I touched it. To be thorough, I even got the grounding of all wall sockets redone in my room. I still don't know the reason behind that experience, and I don't have the right tools to test that either. Hence, I had stopped using the QC 3.0 port to charge my iPhone.

The XP50 charger outputs 40W, which translates to 2.4A per port or 8A in total. That means you can charge up to three devices at 2.4A at a time. Also, charging five devices would happen at 8A. That should be fine since it is a desktop charger one would use at home or office desk.

The 2 meter or 6.6 feet USB-C 3.1 Gen 1 cable is thick, braided, and a bit stiff. It looks as well as feels premium to double up as data transfer cable. The durable build and lifetime limited warranty might make it last me a long time.

I'm quite satisfied with the AMX XP50 and would certainly pack it in my lugguage for a long trip with friends. That'd help avoid any squabbles like someone hogging the only wall socket.

Suggestion to AMX:

The AMX XP50 and other chargers could look good with a matte surface.

The glossy surface tends to get many scratches quickly (reference: photos in this post). My unit looks like it's been with me for at least a year. Also, would love to see the cable with different options such as color and a magnetic connector. Of course, the audience for the latter might be fractional.

Where to Buy AMX Products:

AMX India Official Site

AMX India Amazon Store

There are a few things I want to clarify about this post:

  • I chose XP50 because I don't have any QC 3.0 devices and have no mad rush of juicing up phones in less than an hour. Most importantly, it's so light.
  • I bought the Anker's PowerPort Speed 5 Ports desktop charger from the "Official Anker Store" AliExpress.
  • I have been using reputed third-party chargers and cables with my gadgets since past five years. So far, not a single device *fingers crossed* has gotten spoiled.